When You Need Someone To Fight For You

I remember there was a time in middle school when something happened on one of the teams I was on (oh I know, middle school girls NEVER have drama so this is shocking right?!). In a matter of hours I was being called into the coaches classroom to talk after many of the girls had told her I was responsible for whatever the drastic situation that was occurring. Suddenly I had 10 fingers pointing at me that I was to blame, when the reality was I had nothing to do with the situation at all. But it was 10 against 1 and there was no one to stand up for me, no one to take my side, no one to defend me. I remember feeling helpless, alone, and abandoned in that moment by people I thought were my friends. I’m sure the drama fizzled away as it always does, but I do remember that situation because I have felt many times since then when I was left alone in the dark, no one to defend me, no one to take my side, just me. Maybe you have felt like that before, maybe you are feeling like that today. Maybe a situation is firing up around you, people are upset with you, but you have no control and no one to defend you. Well friend, I have something really awesome to share with you today.

You have someone to defend you! And His name is Jesus!

God tells us Not to fear, because HE WILL uphold you with His righteous right hand!-Isaiah 41:10 {Emphasis mine} He promises to leave us and never forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). You see we live in a fallen world, unrighteous accusations will come, and believe it or not, but they will often come from those who we love most. Oh and another shocking truth, but they will come from you and I also. Because we are all messy, we all fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Sometimes, we fall prey to the crowd that is pointing fingers, and sometimes we are the victim to the pointing. But, thankfully the Cross has made a way for us all to be defended in every day, every hour, in the physical world and in the spiritual world. We are never left alone, ever. I’ll say that one again…



Go ahead and say it out loud… I AM NEVER LEFT ALONE!

Because friends this is the real truth, you and I belong to The Defender, and we will NEVER be defeated!



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