When You Feel Like Life Has You Making Circles

Last week, we took the team to California to compete and have a Spring Break trip. We used a bus company to drive us around throughout the week, and each day we would get a different bus driver…this became entertaining.

Day 1; After a flight delay we arrived into LAX during rush hour. Our hotel was about 30 minutes West, however rush hour in California it took around 2 hours. We would ride a little, and then stop dead on the interstate. I’m pretty sure we never made it above 40mph that trip, talk about frustrating when we hadn’t eaten since noon Central time.

Day 2/3; We traveled over an hour to explore Hollywood, the trip there was fine, however leaving Hollywood to head to practice we listened to the driver’s GPS say, “Turn left” as he turned right. I think we “rerouted” 4 times before we made it to the university an hour late. That evening following dinner we were returning to the hotel. Our sweet driver made a wrong turn in the opposite direction to get on the interstate. The GPS so graciously rerouted us to start over. However, our (very sweet, but poor sense of direction driver) made a complete circle to do the EXACT SAME THING AGAIN. So for 20 minutes we drove around the same circle, before one of our players from the area was able to direct him to the correct highway.

Day 4; Today was our Disneyland day. Morning traffic was once again a nightmare and we had some anxious ladies ready to explore Disney! We rode as our driver drove in the far right lane a good 5 to 10mph under the speed limit as we were passed by every semi truck, charter bus, and probably mopeds as well.

Day 5; We were headed to the beach, but something magical happened…this driver ACTUALLY DROVE IN THE HOV LANE! Not only did we make an hour trip in under an hour, but we defied California traffic passing every car on the highway. It’s amazing the places you go when you drive with the flow of traffic! It was the highlight of our day by far, due to our other travel misadventures of the week.

Day 6; On our going home day we had a charter bus with a very nice lady…who also seemed to struggle following a GPS. As we were on our way back to LAX (in traffic) we were slowly moving bumper to bumper. She decided to take a detour off the highway and drive the back-streets into LAX.

Needless to say we had some entertainment with travel for the week. But it made me think about how sometimes my life tends to feel this way.

Sometimes I feel like it takes me much longer than I anticipated to accomplish something, or get to a place in life I want to be; kinda like those of us that exceeded the 4 year plan for college graduation, I mean is it even possible these days?? Or sometimes I feel like I’m just cruising along the right way, but I made a wrong left turn somewhere that has me going in circles where I can’t seem to find my way back on track. Or when I fall prey to the same temptation of sin over and over again and I keep having to ask for grace and forgiveness like a rerouted GPS. Sometimes I feel like I’m going exciting places and doing amazing things with my life, but I’m still riding in the far right-hand lane as all my friends pass me by reaching milestones way before I do, but it’s taking me much longer. But then I have seasons when I’m riding in the HOV lane, buzzing through the endless traffic of my surroundings, not a stress on my shoulder just rejoicing in the Lord’s faithfulness and beauty of each day. Now maybe it’s just me, but these seasons are much easier to reside in. They are peaceful and filled with much joy. But, I think you would agree with me that although those seasons are important, and God desires for us to embrace them, we do not learn as much from driving in the HOV lane as we do from the seasons when we have to take a detour off the highway. The times when things ahead of us seem perfect in our eyes, but God says “No take a right, get off this road, because I have something better you just can’t see it yet.” Those are the hard seasons, when he asks us to ride in the far-right, taking it slow and waiting on his timing to break up the traffic, and part the waters. Those season teach me the most patience.

But there is beauty to every one of these scenarios. Because you see we will always take a left turn, when God says go right, because we all fall short (Romans 3:23), but God is always there with open arms to reroute us in the right direction…even when we make the same mistake over and over. I love the sweet reminder He gives us in Proverbs 4:11,

“I instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths.”

How awesome is it to have the peace of knowing that no matter how long it takes us, which path we take, or how many detours we make we will always make our final destination. There is nothing we can say or do that separates us from God’s love or His perfect plan for our life (Romans 8:38-39).


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    This is awesome, Erin! ❤

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