When Life Hands You Dead Weeds

One of my littles came up to me handed me this at school. She was grinning from ear to ear as she gave it to me. And to be totally honest my thought was “Wow a weed, and a dead one for that matter🙄” but then I was struck. It was a tiny whisper to my heart that said, “This is so much more than a weed!” In the eyes of a 4 year old this was the most beautiful flower she could’ve picked and she wanted to give it away! I’ve seen these kids put pieces of straw in their pockets as treasure, but she wanted to give her treasure to me. To her it wasn’t a weed, it was the real deal.
We often think we are missing out on the best of life when it doesn’t hand us a handful of roses or the best of the best circumstances. But I think the secret might be not waiting for roses to find your treasure, but to be able to find your treasure and experience joy in the tiniest weed.
Jesus doesn’t promise us perfect circumstances, he promises us perfect peace in all circumstances.

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