The Messy Middle of Busy

Alarm goes off [snooze]. alarm again, and again, and maybe once more. You frantically get up regretting the 15 snoozes, scramble get dressed, comb your hair if you’re feeling it, and maybe put on mascara as your brushing your teeth (yes, it is as difficult as it sounds). You run out the door with a granola bar and coffee mug in hand hoping you did not forget anything. And just like that your day is started off on a frazzled note. You go to school, work, or wherever it is you go, you come home attend to your nightly obligations of the day, eat whatever food you can salvage from the fridge, shower and go to bed just to do it all over again tomorrow.

We are a generation, and a nation of busy. We run on a schedule and vaguely deviate from our daily norm. We face Jesus on Sunday mornings from the back row with a heavy heart that once again we did not spend as much time with him as our heart needed or he desires. The guilt sets in and we vow to make this next week better. It’s a cycle that we are all, including myself guilty of.

In the middle of my busyness one evening I came s a sign that said, “If Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.”…..Umm well dang that hit home. I often get so caught up in my life routine that I don’t even realize it. Satan doesn’t have to make us a murderer or an alcoholic to be drawn away from God, he can simply distract us enough where we forget to notice His presence in our daily routines.

We can’t make extra time in the day, but we can look for Jesus in every aspect. He’s in the car as we travel to our destinations, He’s with us as we interact with our annoying co-worker or classmate, He’s with us at the table as we eat our meals, He’s with us in the sunrise and sunset. He is ever-present in our busyness. He never leaves, he just waits for us to respond. We live in a go getter world, but to be anything but average we need to rest in Jesus in the messy middle of our busy.

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