The Lion and The Lamb

This devotional series will cover the days leading up to Easter Sunday. There will be scripture reading each day, along with a devotional, and a song to worship and reflect on as we remember the three most important days in history.

In Christ alone, who took on flesh, fullness of God in helpless babe.”

SCRIPTURE READING: Luke 22:1-23 Hosea 11:10-11;  Jeremiah 25:38;  John 1:29; Genesis 22:1-14;  Revelation 17:14

When you hear lion, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you think fierce, do you think proud, do you think scary, loud? Growing up I’ve always heard lions referred to as the kings of the jungle. Ruler over all other animals, the hierarchy of the food chain. I’ve never heard a lion’s roar, it’s on my bucket list though, but the people I know who have heard it up close describe it as ferocious. A sound that makes your heart skip beats and will stop you dead in your tracks. A lion is arguably the most powerful creature on earth, and a king of the animal life.

Now let’s think about a lamb. When lamb comes to mind we think meek, mild, tender, warm and fuzzy, delicate, and pure. Basically everything that a lion is not. The lamb is not the king of anything, it is definitely not at the top of the food chain, and they are not nearly as smart as lions either. And I can guarantee you that the cry of a lamb will not make your heart and body turn circles. A lamb is calming, a lamb is peaceful and pure as snow.

Throughout the Bible we see the image of God as a Lion. He is King of all Kings, ruler of all Nations, He is fierce, He is Almighty and full of majestic power. How beautiful of an image that something so big, and so powerful is protecting each and every one of us every day. He is dominant over every power of evil in this world and in the spiritual world. But then let’s look at God as the Lamb. Scripture refers to the sacrifice of lambs over and over. When God provided a lamb as a sacrfice for Abraham it was the beginning of many throughout the Bible. All leading up to the greatest sacrificial lamb to ever be slain.

On this day in history many years ago, the world did not know of the greatest sacrifice that was coming the next day. But for us, today, we can sit and ponder how the Lion who sat on the throne of Heaven humbly came down to live as man. The King became the servant, the Almighty became man, the Lion became the Lamb.

Today’s worship song is by Leeland & Bethal Music: The Lion and The Lamb


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