Music to my Ears, is Healing for my Soul

Sometimes people ask me what I am most passionate about. There’s a few I will not hesitate to name, but often I am hesitant to say music. Often when I state music as a passion everyone’s first question is, “Oh what do you play?” or “Can you sing?” And then I get to talk about how my musical talents were all distributed to my extremely talented sister and my talents consist of picking Amazing Grace on the piano, the recorder from 5th grade, my grandparents karaoke, and oh yeah I know the cups song from Pitch Perfect. But, you see I love all of those things even though I am terrible at it. I genuinely love music. It is a safe bet that 85% of my day there is music playing in the background of whatever I am doing. And when I am alone, you best bet there is about to be a concert with music blasting as loud as the speakers will tolerate.

Somehow music has this magical way of taking me to a different time and place. Certain songs remind me of certain people or specific events. Some that bring great joy to my heart, and some that reminds me of the sorrow of that moment. When I hear anything by Elvis Presley I automatically think of my grandparents. Any hymn makes me think of my Mamaw. Jesus Loves Me reminds me of my Nannie Steelman. Strawberry Wine reminds me of karaoke days with my cousins in my grandparents garage. Fix You reminds me of friends that I’ve lost too early. I could go on and on with this list, but I think you get my point. Any person that has impacted my life will always carry a song tied with them to me.

For me, music has a way of speaking right into my soul. If it’s a beautiful sunny day I love to have my windows rolled down and my country music blasting. If I am winding down at night I love some singer/songwriter to get me relaxed. Music is also my way of worship, in a really big way. The days or moments I’m feeling down Bethal Music is always my go to. Especially their song It Is Well. Time and time again Jesus has whispered so many much-needed truths right to my heart at the perfect moment through music. When I find myself in a pit, or at the foot of a mountain that won’t seem to move I often find a song that fits perfectly to my struggle and will repeat it day in and day out until my heart finds peace. God’s word is living and active, He gives us that in the Bible, but we also have so much truth in music that allows us to listen, learn, and worship in a great and awesome way.

With that being said, I want to start something new with my blog posts. I’m going to start posting a song that either inspired my post (which happens A LOT) or a song that is making me happy at that moment. I believe the most important thing about music is that it is meant to be shared. I love getting texts from friends telling me to check out a new song or a song that the Lord put on their heart to share with me (when this happens I am always in complete awe how much the song speaks to my heart even when the friend has no idea of the challenge I was facing).

Music is a gift friends, music is a passion whether you are talented or not! Let music speak to your soul, because the joy it brings is beyond measure.

Now I have a ton of favorite songs, but I am picking this one to kick off the music trend so check it out! Something Beautifulby NEEDTOBREATHE.


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