Heartbroken & Hopeless

This devotional series will cover the days leading up to Easter Sunday. There will be scripture reading each day, along with a devotional, and a song to worship and reflect on as we remember the three most important days in history.

 “There in the ground His body lay, light of the world by darkness slain.”

 SCRIPTURE READING: Luke 23:50-56;  John 19:38-42; Psalm 34:18; 1 Peter 3:18;  Romans 5:8-9; Isaiah 53:3-9

 Raise your hand if you’ve had your heart broken… yep that’s all of us. Heart breaks happen in all forms and fashions because guess what, we live in a broken world. Shocking right? Maybe you had your heart broken for the first time as a kid when you didn’t get picked in gym class. Or maybe it was your senior prom and no one asked you to go. Maybe your heartbreak happened when you gave your heart away to someone who did not cherish it and destroyed it in a million pieces. Maybe your heartache happened with the loss of a loved one, maybe a friend, a parent/grandparent, a sibling, spouse, or someone you cared about deeply.

I’ll never forget my worst heartbreak. It was my freshman year of college when I got the call that my best friend since birth had went to be with Jesus. It was a relief that cancer could no longer attack him, no longer cause him pain or suffering, no longer cripple his body. He was healed and rejoicing at the feet of Jesus. But, did that make it hurt any less? Honestly, no. I still ached, I still wept at the memories I would never be able to experience again. Death and loss are never an easy thing, and they will always bring great sadness and sorrow in this life.

On this day, the friends and followers of Jesus were experiencing that same pain. Their loved one had suffered a gruesome death and was now being buried in a dark cold tomb. It was over, this was real. He was gone. The one who performed miracles, the one who fed thousands, whom they spent day after day listening to His teachings, the one who brought hope to the hopeless was dead.

We’ve all felt trapped in a tomb. A situation or circumstance is dark, cold, and sealed shut. Dreams shattered, loved ones lost, a friend circling trials of sin they can’t seem to shy from, or cancer or disease overtaking the body of a dear friend. We all know the feeling of hopelessness. When everything is out of our control. But friends, I’m here to tell you hope is not lost! Hope is living, Hope is working on your behalf, Hope is sitting on His throne.

We will suffer in this life, we will experience heartache, brokenness, and unforseen circumstances. But just as hope was not lost on this day thousands of years ago, it is not lost for you today. Today may seem dark, it may seem dreary, it may seem dead and hopeless, but hold tight because Sunday is coming…

Today’s song of worship is Glorious Day, by Casting Crowns. Take time to rest, reflect, and anticipate tomorrow because He is coming, and what a glorious day that will be!


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