Hello Friends!

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originalWelcome to this messy little thing I like to call my life.

I’m Erin. I’m a few years shy of my quarter-life-crisis and am passionate about all things Jesus, sports, music, health/fitness and all things crafty. I love the sunshine and warm hot weather brings jy to my soul. I fully embrace my southern sass, class, and sarcastic charm, as well as my outgoing personality. I also like to fully embrace the fact that I do not have my life together and am pretty much a hot mess, so take a breath, relax, and come be messy with me and experience grace in the process. I promise it will be worth it…or at least give you a good laugh once in a while.

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If you’re looking for advice from someone who has life all figured out…then exit here. But if you’re just as messy then welcome because we can just fumble around together. So join my journey “adulting” and I’ll provide you with a few good laughs and hopefully some quality lessons of the “what nots” to do in life.