This devotional series will cover the days leading up to Easter Sunday. There will be scripture reading each day, along with a devotional, and a song to worship and reflect on as we remember the three most important days in history.  “Then bursting forth in Glorious Day, up from the grave He rose again. And […]

Heartbroken & Hopeless

We will suffer in this life, we will experience heartache, brokenness, and unforseen circumstances. But just as hope was not lost on this day thousands of years ago, it is not lost for you today.

Redemption Monday

It’s not just about winning a basketball game, it’s about accomplishing dreams a part of something greater than yourself, it’s about teamwork, character, and heart. This is March Madness, and tonight is for redemption.

When You Feel Like Life Has You Making Circles

We often find ourselves struggling to keep up when we really want to be in the HOV lane, but it’s the seasons we are getting passed by, or taking detours that our faith is challenged and we grow the most.